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Praise for Israel Catfish
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“Edward Cohen has few equals when it comes to slinging words around —there just ain’t nobody any better.  With Israel Catfish he proves there ain’t nobody any funnier neither.”

- Jill Connor Browne

Multiple #1 NYT best-selling author of The Sweet Potato Queens’ nine-book series, including The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of  Love, Field Guide to Men, Big-Ass Cookbook, Guide to Raising Children for Fun and Profit, and Wedding Planner/Divorce Guide.


“If there's one thing that mothers and daughters can agree upon, it is that Edward Cohen is a comic genius.  This is one of the funniest and sweetest books in the world. If Evelyn Waugh had been Jewish, this is the book he would have wished he'd written!”

- Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

Author of A Woman Independent Means

- Kendall Hailey 
Author of The Day I Became an Autodidact

“An achingly funny and true-to-life book… a comic masterpiece.”

- Jack Butler
Author of Jujitsu for Christ, Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock, and Practicing Zen Without a License.


“Edward Cohen has a brilliant comedic mind.  Israel Catfish is something Woody Allen might have conjured up were he raised in Mississippi.  It made me laugh out loud!”

- Stephanie Gisondi-Little
Film Producer


"When I finally sat down to read [Israel Catfish], I couldn't stop--nor could I stop laughing or avoid reading passages to anyone who came into the room.  Cohen has a wonderful ear for colloquial talk and a great imagination for the ridiculous and outrageous."  

Judy Page, English Professor and Director of Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research, University of Florida.

The story, though it is hilarious, depicts real life circumstances and elicits a gamut of emotions as we laugh, cry, and see ourselves in the characters. I can still visualize a number of scenes that jumped off the pages. Israel Catfish is the real thing. Be careful, you`ll laugh out loud.

- Macy B. Hart

President, Goldring/Woldenberg

Institute of Southern Jewish Life

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