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Blood Relations

A young New Orleans lawyer discovers that his father is having an affair with a beautiful attorney in their firm. To save his parents' marriage, he determines to seduce her away. When she is murdered, he must defend his father at trial.

A masterfully written and complex legal thriller with a bombshell surprise ending.

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Before we moved from Mississippi to try out the screenwriting world of Los Angeles, Edward awoke one morning with this story idea fresh in mind: “A lawyer discovers that his father is having an affair with a young, beautiful attorney at their firm.  To protect his fragile mother, he decides to seduce her away for himself.”

There were as yet no murder and no trial.  But once we were living in L.A., both seemed essential to making BLOOD RELATIONS succeed as a movie.

We had grown up near and visited New Orleans all our lives; both our fathers had attended Tulane University; we both had experienced betrayal and felt its aftermath; and Edward had been a practicing attorney and I thought like one.  The storyline suited our experiences and interests.

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Israel Catfish

Blood Relations

The Peddler's Grandson: Growing Up Jewish in Mississippi

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"BLOOD RELATIONS offers a complex, but not unrealistic plot that grips readers from beginning to end, and just when readers think they know who actually killed the beautiful Laura ... surprise, surprise! But as engaging as the plot [is] and trying to figure out who did the deed are the personalities of the key characters.
"... Don't hesitate to pick up this novel: you won't be able to put it down."


READERS' FAVORITE REVIEW.  Five-stars.  By Viga Boland.


We plan a U.S. book tour and would be delighted to sign

BLOOD RELATIONS in your bookstore.

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